Street Improvements at Waterloo Regional Airport

Passengers Requested to Use Caution as They Approach the Passenger Terminal for Passenger Pick-ups / Drop-offs and Use of the Passenger Parking Lot

(June 3, 2022) Recently, City of Waterloo officials from the Engineering Department began making street improvements to Betsworth Drive at Waterloo Regional Airport. Street improvements began last week with improvements located immediately south of the passenger and rental car parking lots with the planned installation of new storm water drain inlets for improved drainage during heavy periods of rain.

Once the drain inlets have been installed, and effective during the week of Monday, June 13th, and weather permitting, local asphalt paving crews will begin pavement rehabilitation for the east loop of Livingston Lane that intersects the entrance to the FAA’s Air Traffic Control Tower and the rental car parking lot.  While this street is under construction, passengers will need to use the West Loop of Livingston Lane to access the terminal building for the pickup or drop-off of airline passengers, or use the West Entrance for those passengers that will park their car in the parking lot during their travel.

For both the street rehabilitation for either Livingston Lane or Betsworth Drive, the use of tall orange construction pylons will be used to assist in directing vehicle traffic during ongoing paving operations.

Jamie Knutson, City Engineer for the City of Waterloo provided comment, “The installation of new street storm water drains, and the rehabilitation of both Livingston Lane and Betsworth Drive has been in the planning stages for a few years now.  We’re pleased to work with the Airport Staff to provide an improved roadway for their passengers to gain access to the passenger terminal building, the airfield for multiple airport tenants, and continue the overall pavement improvements to the City of Waterloo and our taxpayers.”

Keith Kaspari, Airport Director at Waterloo Regional Airport, provided comment, “I would like to take a minute to say thank you to the City Engineer and his staff for prioritizing the paving of the two busiest streets at ALO this summer.  This will provide an improved series of roadways for our Cedar Valley area passengers and airport tenants.”

Kaspari continued, “These street improvements reflect the beginning phase of a number of landside pavement and related improvements to the front of the airline passenger terminal.”

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