Passengers may park their personally owned vehicles (POVs) in the airport’s convenient, close-in, self-parking lot. The lot utilizes the TIBA-based Automated Parking System, which dispenses a ticket to the parking lot user upon entry. Unlike other airports, this system automatically registers the patron’s vehicle license plate (unless the plate is obstructed), as well as the date and time of entry, which is printed on each ticket along with a unique barcode.

Upon their return from an unforgettable experience on American Airlines, parking lot users can utilize either exit lane depending on their payment preference. The East (left) exit lane accepts debit and credit cards, while the West (right) exit lane accepts cash and cards. The automated system will recognize unobstructed license plates and calculate the amount owed, with rates as follows:

  • First three hours: Free
  • 3 – 6 hours: $5.00
  • 6 – 24 hours: $8.00
  • Maximum weekly rate: $56.00

A receipt is provided upon payment for your trip records. Please note: the left (East) exit lane will accept Credit/Debit cards ONLY, while the right (West) exit lane will accept Cash or Credit/Debit cards.

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